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Samsung Discount Program

Samsung Employee Discount Program offers Samsung products at a discounted price to some selected partners (like students, military, government, doctors and employees). The goal for this project is improving the experience for both new and existing customers.
After fully audited the current site, we came up with a new UX roadmap, which contains the short-term fix and long-term solutions. And I designed the 2.0 version visuals individually.

Project Information


Senior UX designer



Design Team

Mark Ellis

Sunny Lee

Anita Kim

Dave Landis

Ev Kara


Sketch, Adobe creative suite

User Journey & Wireframe

IA for New & Existing Customers

Authorized email address, authorized email domain

Logged in User accessing Discount Program Store


Key Findings

When a customer lands on the EPP page, it is a confusing to know where to sign-up.
1. Confusing Log-Ins.
2. Copy is misleading.
3. Image does no communicate much and can be distracting.
4. Insignificant information.
5. User journey is inconsistent.

Before & After



Most of the information is confidential, so I can’t reveal too much what I did for the team. But I can tell this; overall this project is very interesting and exciting! Every day I’m deep diving UX and learning how to apply them to website visual experience. I can't wait to see how far this program can go for it's 3.0.